Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mini Tot's Kit-o-Fun

We all know that driving around all day while Mom, or Dad, are running errands can be excessivly boring for small children. Let's face it, kids don't really care how much the electic bill was this month, or what we need to pick up for dinner. So the trick is giving your little one, something to keep them busy while you go about your adult resposibilities. Here are a couple great ideas to help you keep them calm, cool and collected and out of trouble.

A binder filled with coloring book pages along side a small box of crayons can provide hours of fun for most any child. While some kids are content with coloring on their own, others may need a bit more of a challenge. For instance, you could say "I'll bet you can't finish coloring the 3rd picture half purple and half green by the time we get to the bank." Kids love a challenge, and you'll find that at times, reverse psychology can be your best friend.

Another idea I found while browsing the internet for ways to keep my own hyper little girl busy was the tin-o-fun. All you need is white paper, thin magnet and an old mint tin. Trace the shape of the cover onto a white piece of paper, cut it out and attach it to the cover of the mint tin. This will serve as your background. Next, glue some more white paper to one side of a magnet, or two, and draw facial features, mouth, nose etc. Cut them out and place them in the tin. When you're out and about let your tot play with these and entice them by asking them to make a "sad face" or "silly face." This can also be a great, fun-filled lesson in human emotion. You may be surprised to learn how much your little one already knows.

Keeping a child busy, especially while on the go, can be hard, but not impossible. Knowing what your child likes and how they work will give you great insight on what things to give them. A little time and research and you'll be well on your way to keeping that bundle of energy all bundled up.